Logomarks for Friends

Logotypes and branding projects have never been my primary field of focus. But whenever I get a chance, I enjoy helping folks who are starting a new business or are passionate about what they do. Here’s a collection of selected marks I got to design for them.

Modular logomark for GAP

GAP / Galerie a Prostor, or Gallery and Space in English, is a project by Art to Znojmo association, which combines a gallery of contemporary art with a coffee shop, situated in the historical city center of Znojmo.

Animated logo for galerieaprostor.cz



Moon Highway

Alex Banks and Eve Porcello are instructors, curriculum designers, and authors. They create amazing technical content for egghead.io, O’Reilly Media, and LinkedIn Learning.




Joel’s Digital Garden

Joel Hooks is a co-founder of egghead.io. Go check out his Digital Garden and follow Joel on Twitter.


Epic React by Kent C. Dodds

by Kent C. Dodds

6D Academy


6D Academy
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