Alfred workflow for searching and pasting SVG icons

I fell in love with Alfred, and it didn’t take me long to start experimenting and creating custom workflows. When John Lindquist showed me how he goes about creating them in JavaScript and Node, there were no more excuses.

I work with icons a lot, be it in code or Sketch. I’ve been using NucleoApp for managing my libraries, which works great, and I ended up using it to export a JSON file that I used for the workflow. And since we’ve started using TailwindCSS at work, it made sense to use Hero Icons, an MIT licensed set of icons created by Steve Schoger.

Here’s the workflow in action:

Search Hero Icons Alfred Workflow Preview


🔽 Search Hero Icons Alfred Workflow (Dark Theme)
🔽 Search Hero Icons Alfred Workflow (Light Theme)

View source on GitHub


  • NodeJS installed on your computer
  • Alfred Powerpack
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